Phoenix Rising is a group created to be a safe place for students with learning differences to talk about their struggles and successes.  They provide support and exchange resources to help each other have a successful four years of College. The group’s site includes a pre-orientation for incoming first-years, a forum for students get to know each other, and a forum for students to share resources that they’ve found helpful. Everyone is welcome no matter what disability they have and everyone is encouraged to share experiences but not required to.

The pre-orientation program will help you start thinking about what strategies, tools, information, and resources you need in order to have a successful transition from high school to college. This program consists of five modules, and each module has five sections. The program is voluntary, and none of the activities are graded. That means you can get as much or as little out of this program as you want to. The pre-orientation program is also confidential; other students participating in the program will not know you unless you choose to introduce yourself in the Social Table.

The Social Table is a forum that can be helpful for students who are anxious about meeting new people during orientation, or for students who need to work on their social skills. It makes for an easy transition to in-person discussion when you get to campus!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

Dean Cole (jcole@gettysburg.edu)

Nathalia Mazza (President)- mazzna01@gettysburg.edu

Katherine Lentz (Vice-President) lentka01@gettysburg.edu

Char Esser (Treasurer) essech01@gettysburg.edu